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My brother and I owned a piece of property in Reno that had been in my family for 20+ years. This year we decided to sell. We were reluctant, given the emotion attachment we had to a place our entire family called “home”. I now live in NM while he (my brother) lives in Reno. I knew that Chris had many years of experience in not only selling real estate but in title and escrow as well. It was those reasons that I chose Chris as our agent.

Each time I emailed or called Chris with questions, and there were many, he was there with an answer immediately. His knowledge of the market and specifics in selling a home was comforting, especially with being so far away. I felt like he was right next door. We had some issues with buyers and deals that didn’t go through and each time, Chris communicated to me right away the situation and what needed to be done by us as sellers.

Chris Whitney is honest, knowledgeable, experienced and ethical. If my brother or I ever have any type of real estate transaction, it will be Chris we turn to.